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Meet The Team

Tiffany Amariuta, PhD

Principal Investigator

Tiffany started her group at UCSD in July of 2022. For more information about her and the research focus of the group, please see the home, about, and publications pages.


Ziqi Xu

PhD student

Ziqi is currently a first-year PhD student in the Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (BISB) program. Her research interest lies in developing computational and statistical methods to understand genetic contributions to diseases. Her current project focuses on estimating heritability from single cell gene expression data and investigating co-regulation across genes and cell types using GWAS and single-cell RNA-seq data. Ziqi enjoys spending her spare time in dog parks and zoos.

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Krishna Brunton

PhD Student

Krishna is a PhD student in the Bioengineering department. He graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 2021, where he majored in Biochemistry-Molecular Biology. His current research project focuses on developing methods to identify genome-wide contributions to gene expression regulation. Krishna's hobbies include checking out new coffee shops and hiking.

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Kai Akamatsu

Undergraduate Researcher

Kai is a second-year undergraduate student studying Bioinformatics. He is currently working on multi-ancestry gene expression prediction models. His goal is to leverage computer science to democratize high-quality medicine and improve patient care outcomes. In his free time, Kai likes to surf with his friends and cook.


Xiaoyu Gui

Undergraduate Researcher

Xiaoyu is a third-year undergraduate majoring in Data Science with two minors in General Biology and Mathematics. Her interest lies in leveraging data science techniques to help minimize the gap in health-related discoveries among populations with different ancestry. In her free time, she enjoys taking photos around the city.


We are hiring!
We are looking to recruit a postdoctoral researcher interested in collaborating with clinical scientists and building genetic risk models of childhood-onset asthma.  



Undergraduate Researchers

Ciby Lin, Chemistry (Winter 2023 - Spring 2023)

Sivani Vedula, Bioinformatics (Winter 2023 - Winter 2024)

Sujana Sreenivasan, Bioinformatics (Winter 2023 - Winter 2024) 

Paulina Montserrath, ENLACE (Summer 2023)

Nicole Gonzalez, ENLACE (Summer 2023) 

PhD Rotation Students 

Benjamin Pham, Data Science (Spring 2023, ongoing collaborations)

Giorgia Nicolaou, Data Science (Spring 2023) 

Anna Qi, Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (Summer 2023)

Hyrum Eddington, Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (Winter 2024)

Staff Researchers

Alona Khorzhakova, Computational Data Science Researcher (Summer 2023 - Winter 2024)

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